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7 Years of Activity

Eurotrade Srl deals with in-house logistics and contracts management. Its primary activity about logistics services related to the distribution of goods is supported by the secondary activity: using topographical instruments for surveys of large areas.

Researches and structured studies led us starting these two Eurotrade Srl business activities. These studies were made on the market in order to demonstrate how much the demand for Eurotrade's core business services is superior to the offer and that the company's technical skills allow it to take an important place in the two target markets, opposing established companies in the same field since years now.

Qualified Staff

The highly qualified staff is made up of specialists with over ten years of experience in the sector

Professional Company

The company is professionally inclined to satisfy the requests of companies that want to use services quickly, efficiently and with quality

Targeted Support

The dynamic and efficient company is ready to offer the best logistic solutions, all designed to provide customers with a high quality service

Eurotrade Srl has also signed a commercial partnership contract for the provision of temporary work, both in Italy and throughout the European Union, with Templari Group Spa, a company that holds the license to provide services as a supplier company of temporary work throughout Europe.




Offered Services





Our services

We offer following services

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We provide staff for simple porterage.

Simple Porterage

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We manage and improve the warehouses organization, offering 360° support. We take care of the goods management arriving in the warehouses.

Warehouse Management

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We manage and organize the taking charge of the goods arrived at the warehouse and their structured storage.

Taking Charge and Storage

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We organize goods picking and manage the entire process, ensuring efficient order preparation.

Order picking and preparation

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We take care of the goods up to the last final phase when they physically leave the warehouses, including the loading and the respective shipment.

Loading and Shipping

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We study and manage a structured and improved packaging and reconditioning activity for the various goods.

Packaging and Reconditioning

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We deal with complex managements that use RF (Radio Frequency) systems.

RF Using

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We carefully manage the goods packaging, making sure that each element and component is correctly collected and listed in the reference bill of materials.

Packaging and Bill of Materials

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We offer logistic consultings and feasibility studies for reorganization and determination processes, reconciling the general efficiency achievement with the specific customer needs.

Logistic Consultings

Our other activity

We carry out topographical activities

Eurotrade Srl also engages in the topography activity, which aims to determine and represent measurements through drawing on a map, where conventional signs of the earth's surface are displayed.

Modern topography is the result of a long evolution involving mathematical, geometric, and astronomical knowledge that has enabled the development of increasingly sophisticated and accurate instruments for measuring and representing topographical surveys.

With traditional tools such as theodolites for measuring angles, distance meters for measuring distances, and aerial photogrammetry, we are capable of conducting precise surveys and obtaining accurate images of the earth's surface.

We leverage the most advanced technologies such as GPS and Total Stations, which allow us to achieve the highest precision and accuracy in the surveys we carry out through the measurement of relative positions.

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Eurotrade is always looking for new collaborations and new collaborators. If you are interested, you can submit your requests and applications by writing an email to our administration address. You will be contacted compatibly with our needs.